Nicholas Livermore

Nicholas Livermore

Nicholas comes from one of the most respected Sports Administrator families in the country, son of the late QRL Managing Director Ross Livermore

He is one of the youngest MBA Graduates from the University of Queensland’s prestigious Business School and is currently the CEO for the Brisbane Bombers NRL Expansion Bid, which is vying for entry into the NRL should it look to expand in the near future.

Launching his first business at 21 and spending extensive time in the US with both NFL and MLB, he has a passion for business and sport to come together and create positive outcomes for his clients.

Based in Brisbane, his focus has been on Rugby League, Horse Racing, incentive-based hospitality engagement and sponsorship, he provides one of the strongest understandings of commercial and corporate trends, partnership development, membership growth as well as a focus on grass-roots and not-for-profit programs.

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